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 Solar Cells XL Energy Ltd.,


“Roth & Rau Germany Automated advanced solar Cell manufacturing line with process knowhow from ECN Netherlands”




 Solar cells XL Energy Ltd.,



Multi Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells XL 156mm

Multi-crystalline Solar Cells will be manufactured by XL Energy Limited in their state-of –the art, high capacity facility located at fab City – Hyderabad, India.

The process tools are housed in a clean room and comprise of acid etching, Phophorous diffusion, Silicon Nitride coating using PECVD and contacts by screen printing.

The quality of cells are continuously monitored using both in-line and off-line characterization of product and processes by well trained and highly skilled personnel.

At the end of the line , each cell undergoes an automated inspection for both visual and electrical characteristics and the cells are graded based on their characteristics.

Some of the main feature of XL Cells:

  • High efficiency, resulting in high power output.
  • Made with the help of state-of –the –art technology and using the reputed ECN process.
  • Finest quality of pastes to ensure good bonding and solderability.
  • High precision screen printing to enable automated stringing.

Electrical Characteristics under Standard Test Conditions (STC)

Effciency [%] 16.20 16.05 15.75 15.45
Effciency Range [%] <--- 16.2% 16.-15.9 15.9-15.6 15.6-15.3
Power [W] 3.94 9.91 3.89 3.76
Short Circuit Current isc[A] 3.94 3.91 3.83 3.76
Open Circuit Voltage Voc[mv] 621 621 620 617
Current at 0.5V [A] 7.74 7.69 7.60 7.48
Maximum Power Current Impp[A] 522 520 517 513
Fill Factor [%] 79.50 78.48 78.19 77.89

Temperature Coefficients Voltage-2.27mV/K Current +2.6mA/K Power -0.46%/K

Caractéristiques physiques
Cell Size 156x156mm Front Bus bar width 2+-0.1mm
Cell Thickness 210 +- 30 Microns Rear Bus bar width 3+-0.2 mm
Front Bus bar Center Distance 75.0+-0.2mm Bus bar distance to reference edge 40.5+-0.2mm

IV Curve of Efficiency 15.99% cell

Irradiance Dependence

Light intensity Isc (A) Voc (mV) Power (W) FF%
1000W/m2 8,243 620 3,964 77
500W/m2 4,121 601.7 1,927 77


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